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The main aspiration and milestone of any business organisations during their lifecycle is to ‘go public’. The benefit of this include access to finance adequate and increase competitive advantage in their respective industries. Hence, at this important stage you need experienced advisors who can help scale through the complex road to a successful listing. Apart from the Reporting Accountant function, we equally provide CEO/CFO assistance in pre-IPO readiness, evaluating listing structure and impact of listing on financial reporting, systems and processes, and corporate governance.


So, where do you begin?


The starting point of reporting accounting activities is for the firm to generate relevant and reliable financial and non-financial information with an objective way of projecting financial performance expected from the investment of capital to be raised via public listing or private placement.


How can SALIHIN be of help?


  • We bring the knowledge and experience gained from working on the financial reporting services to help client navigate the bottlenecks in listing procedures;
  • We perform financial due diligence for the directors and their adviser as per of listing requirements;
  • Our teams are capable and competent in public offerings, listings and private placements, both locally and internationally;
  • Our professionals provide certain 'public' opinions required by the rules governing capital markets transactions; and
  • We have experience in helping companies not only list in Malaysia, but also in ASEAN markets concerning reporting accounting services;


Services offering


Our specialists can help you in each step of your listing journey. Specifically, we can provide service in the following areas:


Listing advice
  • We provide advice on appropriate time for companies to go public based on our past experience and competent professional views.


Prepare forecast financial statements
  • We provide proforma financial statement include statement of financial position, statement of profit or loss, statement of cash flow based on companies’ fundamentals and economics variables to meet the requirement of regulators


Review forecast financial statements
  • Provides certain 'public' opinions required by the rules governing capital markets transactions






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