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Our experienced shariah researchers conduct pre-product approval research, scrutinizing of issues for submission. The in-depth research and studies on Shariah issues also covers day-to-day Shariah advice and consultancy to relevant parties, such as personnel in product development units. We undertake major research projects and commissioned Shariah research services in Islamic finance. Also, we are involved in writing reports such as market study, feasibility studies industry study, etc. We have seven research clusters covering  

  • Islamic Banking
  • Takaful & Re-takaful
  • Islamic Capital Market
  • Asset Management
  • Shariah Financial Reporting
  • Financial Planning & Wealth Management
  • SDG,ESG, VBI & Maqasid al Shariah



We write or author books, reserch papers, bulletin, blogs, magazines, reports and specialized books related to Islamic banking and takaful. We provide offline and online data base for research and development. The offline data base can be accessed in SALIHIN office, however our future data base can be accessible via internet  from any point in the world, this is to assist researchers, students and different organizations that seek access to information in Islamic finance. 


SALIHIN Islamic Finance Waqf Library

SALIHIN has established a waqf library for Islamic finance. The library is accessible free of charge for students and researchers. In the near future, the library will be opened for public to benefit the ummah at large. The visitors can benefit from the wide collection of resources in the library.

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Transfer Pricing (TP) Compliance

Reporting Accountant and IPO Advisory

Shariah Advisory & Consultancy

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