Ignite Your Success: Unleashing Modern Governance with SALIHIN & Diligent!

We are proud to share that SALIHIN has been appointed as a partner with Diligent in Malaysia. This means we can now offer you all the amazing solutions provided by Diligent.


In today's complex business environment, organizations face more risks than ever before. However, with Diligent's Governance Platform, leaders can turn these risks into strategic advantages through modernized governance.


SALIHIN can helps organizations in Malaysia by centralizing their critical data in one place. By utilizing powerful analytics, robotic process automation, and industry data, your board and top executives will gain valuable insights across risk, compliance, audit, and ESG teams. This will empower them to make better decisions faster and more securely.


Here's how Diligent’s solution can assist different aspects of your organization:


Boards & Entities

  • Empower your board with the information they need for better decision-making. Diligent Boards offers transparency into your organization and enables productive board meetings. Directors can collaborate securely throughout the year to provide valuable advice.
  • Fuel better decision-making by delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. Diligent Entities allows General Counsels and legal teams to manage entities, subsidiaries, and corporate records effectively. It comes with organizational charting, dashboarding, APIs, and data health checks, ensuring your legal leaders can be more effective business leaders.



  • Identify, assess, and address risks through a comprehensive platform that provides visibility into your organization's risk posture. Diligent's unified methodology aligns the entire organization and provides insights for executive decision-making.



  • Foster a culture of compliance and protect your organization's brand with Diligent Compliance solutions. These solutions help employees understand and comply with internal policies while evaluating, onboarding, monitoring, and managing third parties seamlessly. Ensuring ethical behaviour at every level.



  • Deliver the visibility needed for revenue-generating decisions with Diligent Audit Management. Streamline audit tasks and workflows for increased efficiency. Identify, manage, and address risks by connecting to any data source, and automate key performance indicators and control processes.


ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

  • Meet and exceed your ESG goals by consolidating all your ESG data within the Diligent Platform. Monitor and act on current and future ESG risks, calculate and report GHG emissions, gain clarity on third parties, and stay on top of evolving regulations. Foster collaboration among ESG stakeholders across your entire organization to continuously improve your ESG goals.


We're excited about the possibilities that Diligent brings, and we can't wait to work with you to help your organization thrive in today's challenging landscape.


Email your interest at and we will connect you to our experts and show live demo for free!

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