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Sustainability: Why does it matter?

The dynamism of business environment has resulted in challenges along social, environmental, ethical, and economic atmospheres. Specifically, World Economic Forum reported in 2016 that about 60% of global risks profile of major business organisations emanated from environmental and societal issues such as energy prices and availability, supply chain reach and resilience, regulation, and public sentiment.


No immunity


No business organization is immune to these systemic challenges and societal responses. Changing these threats to opportunities is possible through sustainability reporting as this would ensure the continual improvement of business operations that guarantee long-term resource availability through environmental, socially sensitive, and transparent performance.

Sustainability is about developing solid, all-inclusive growth based on a foundation of economic, social, and environmental commitment

  • Social (e.g. religious and ethnic diversity, community, employee rights)
  • Economic (e.g. shareholder and stakeholder value, corporate governance)
  • Environmental (e.g. emissions, water, energy)

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."


Sustainability service offerings


At SALIHIN, we aspire to leverage our deep expertise in sustainability reporting to bring significant insights that are most valuable to your business.


Our competences and capabilities


Expertise and thought leadership

  • Our Sustainability practitioners are recognised expertise in the industry with requisite experience in assurance, reporting, carbon, energy management, risk, supply chain, and strategy.


External engagement and collaboration

  • SALIHIN demonstrate her commitment to Sustainability through active participation in various initiatives with various national regulatory authorities and professional association like Bursa Malaysia Securities, MIA, MAFA, ACCA, and CPA Australia.



  • SALIHIN has extensive technical expertise and experience in both Advisory and Assurance delivering engagements across our portfolio of Sustainability offerings.


Inter-functional synergies

  • SALIHIN has dynamic model that enables leveraging of synergies across our functions of risk advisory services, tax, audit, IT consulting, Sharia and financial advisory services to bring most value to clients


Tools and methodologies

  • SALIHIN possesses dynamic set of methodologies and tools that are deployed to deliver successful outcomes on client projects.


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