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The economy is facing a new value paradigm. These changes, however, are not reflected in the way we measure or report value. Traditional corporate reporting models have failed to adapt to an uncertain economy and account for the increase in intangible assets. Traditional metrics for measuring value and economic progress no longer provide a complete picture.

Responding to these challenges, through integrated reporting (IR) in which financial statements serve as concise communication about how an organization’s strategy, governance, performance and prospects, in the context of its external environment, lead to the creation of value over the short, medium and long term, become paramount.

An integrated report benefits all stakeholders interested in an organization’s ability to create value over time, including employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, local communities, legislators, regulators and policy-makers.


So, where do you begin?


To begin with companies need to generate relevant and reliable financial and non-financial information with an objective way of measuring their progress towards more integrated reporting and integrate the business activities with value creation processes.


Important questions...

  • Would I invest in my company or choose to work for it based on what is presented externally?
  • Is the market value of my company a fair reflection of the business?
  • Are we telling a consistent story to all of our stakeholders? 


How can SALIHIN be of help?

As Malaysian firms have been slow to adopt integrated reporting, Salihin consulting aspires to leverage our great expertise in integrated reporting to bring significant insights that are most valuable to your business.


Services offering

Our specialists can help you at each step of your integrated reporting journey. Specifically, we can service in all the six areas of integrated as follows:


Organisational overview and the external environment

  • Establish vision, strategy and goals as per integrated reporting
  • Design systematic framework to assist in identifying your major stakeholders
  • Engage with your internal and external stakeholders to highlight what they want and identify current gaps Service offerings
  • Facilitate workshop for stakeholder engagement process


Opportunities and risks

  • Set up reporting framework to identify risks and opportunities
  • Advise on enterprise risk management 
  • Process and risk mapping facilitation


Strategy and resource allocation

  • Measuring your total impact along your value chain to identify risks and demonstrate contribution across economic, social and environmental dimensions


Business model

  • Establish a comprehensive business value chain 
  • Set up system to measure, value and track performance targets
  • Design your internal and external integrated reporting



  • Assistance with designing and development of combined assurance Approach
  • Internal Audit based control reviews


Future outlook

  • Develop a blueprint for the future, reflecting risks and opportunities across the value chain
  • Assurance on process and assumptions leading to forward looking statements

Our competences and capabilities


Expertise and thought leadership

  • Our practitioners are recognised expertise in the industry with requisite experience in financial and non-financial reporting skill in areas such as financial capital, human capital, social capital, intellectual capital.


External engagement and collaboration 

  • SALIHIN demonstrate her commitment to integrating reporting through active participation in various initiatives with various national regulatory authorities and professional association like Bursa Malaysia Securities, MIA, MAFA, ACCA, and CPA Australia. 



  • SALIHIN has extensive technical expertise and experience in both Advisory and Assurance delivering engagements across our portfolio of integrated reporting offerings. 


Inter-functional synergies 

  • SALIHIN has dynamic model that enables leveraging of synergies across our functions of risk advisory services, tax, audit, IT consulting, Sharia and financial advisory services to bring most value to clients.


Tools and methodologies 

  • SALIHIN possesses dynamic set of methodologies and tools that are deployed to deliver successful outcomes on client projects. 


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