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At the heart of our audit is not just a mere expression of opinion but also the concern of business success in the economic cycle. Our audit and assurance professionals assist corporations in achieving their strategic objectives, managing their risks and identifying potential operational areas for improving performance. Without compromising our professional integrity and independence we strive to offer the highest quality and value added services to our clients. We have a variety of services in this regard:

Financial Statement Audit

Our experienced audit and assurance team audit and review financial statements to determine that overall the financial statements are prepared in accordance with specified criteria set out in Companies Act, 1965 and other applicable approved accounting standards use in Malaysia.

Compliance Audit

Corporations do not exist in isolation. Their operational and non-operational activities must conform to internal rules, policies and procedures as well as other relevant external regulatory requirements. Broadly, we focus on ensuring that organizationís activities are in compliance with the general and specific regulatory requirements, rules and procedures established by higher management within the entity and/or some other regulatory bodies. To this end we audit to:

  • Determine whether the auditee is following specific procedures, rules or regulations set down by the top management and other regulatory bodies
  • Get reasonable assurance that accounting personnel are following the procedures determined by the management
  • Report findings within the organization to the management

Operational Audit

We vehemently believe that operational weaknesses and deficiencies are cancerous only when they are not recognized and ameliorated by timely hitting right on the nail. Hence, we systematically conduct operational audit to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the whole or part of the organisationís operating procedures and/or resource utilization. Not only this we identify areas for beefing up and develop recommendations aiming at increasing the level of efficiency or effectiveness. In short, our systematic operational audit has todo with the following:

  • To review whole or any part of an organization's operating procedures and methods to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the entity's operation
  • To identify critical areas for improvement and
  • To develop and propose improvement methods to top management to strengthen the organization

Forensic Audit

With experienced professionals endowed with critical analyses and investigative skills tied with vast accounting knowledge and business experience we perform forensic audit to entities saddled with complex and unimaginable financial and accounting issues and malpractices. Though business entities are equipped with the most recent complex and yet sophisticated internal control systems, they are not immune from witty employees or business fraudulent activities. We are well prepared to assist you in any of these situations: business or employee fraud, shareholder and partnership disputes, criminal investigation and the like. As forensic auditors, we:

  • Dig and develop information as a legal evidence or for use by an expert witnesses in the law courts
  • Determine the existence, nature and extent of fraudulent activities
  • Identify fraud perpetrators
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