The SALIHIN Commitment

We strive for no less than excellence in professionalism

Quality service delivery is our commitment and culture, it is never an accident. Rather, it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution of strategy. Therefore, it is the fabric of our carefully constructed organisational culture. 


SALIHIN ensures that its clients simply outthink and outexecute competition with proven business models capable of generating or reigniting sustainable growth and combating disruptions.


Through its group of distinctive entities, SALIHIN provides unique and independent consulting services to meet the complex and yet growing needs of clients’ businesses. In this regard: 


  • Our understanding of the cyclical nature of their business helps us to proactively innovate exceptionally to propel and bolster the growth of their business. 
  • We understand the business lifecycle of our clients and we consider ourselves much more than just service providers to glorifiers of their business lifecycle with value.
  • We strive to sustain businesses in the long-run. 
  • We employ full strength of both conventional and Islamic professional expertise coupled with fresh ideas and proactive innovative approach to consulting services. 
  • Our services cover the entire dynamic needs of your business lifecycle. We well understand that a business lifecycle may not occur in chronological order. 
  • We support you to craftily adapt to the dynamism of each lifecycle stage of your business. 
  • Our team of professionals are at ease with the commercial, managerial and compliance opportunities, threats and challenges at each phase of the cycle.