Digital & Tech Acceleration

RM1.1 billion allocation for digital upskilling and reskilling programmes targeting 220,000 trainees.


RM700 million allocated to continue digital connectivity efforts in 47 industrial areas and 630 schools, especially those in rural areas.


RM100 million Smart Automation matching grants to 200 companies in the manufacturing and services sector to automate their business processes.


RM423 million allocated under MOSTI and KPT to intensify R&D activities to spur new innovations.


RM30 million allocation to implement the Innovation Hub (Industrial Revolution 4.0 under Technology Park Malaysia).


RM45 million as a technological transformation incentive for SMEs as well as mid-stage companies in the manufacturing and services sectors in line with Industrial Revolution 4.0.


RM20 million is allocated to execute MyStartup strategy under Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint to benefit over 2,500 companies and create 5,000 job opportunities.


RM200 million allocation for SME Digitalization Grant Scheme initiative, increase digital adoption among SMEs.

  • To transform 600 Keluarga Malaysia Digital Economy Centres into One-Stop Centres to guide microentrepreneurs in using digital technology.
  • To introduce Malaysia Digital Nomad programme for the creation of a digital nomad community and ecosystem in Malaysia by using the tourism sector as a catalyst.

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Empowering Bumiputera
Powering Entrepreneurship


Akmaluddin Mustajid

Digital Consultancy

Mohd Aizat Jamil
Assistant Director,

Digital Consultancy

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