COVID-19 & Health

RM25 million allocation to Yayasan Keluarga Malaysia to lead the efforts to protect the welfare, education and future of COVID-19 induced orphans. 

RM2 billion additional allocation to continue the agenda on managing COVID-19:

  • RM750 million for Medical supply, medical gases, reagents and consumables.
  • RM190 million for outsourcing medical service to private hospitals and private laboratories.
  • RM230 million for PPE and sanitizer for MOH staff.
  • RM200 million to increase Teaching Hospital and Field Hospital ICU capacity and procurement of medical devices for Military Hospital Radiology Department. 
  • RM450 million for Health kits for 3.6 million B40 families that include reusable face masks, self-test kit, pulse oximeter and thermometer.
  • Acquisition of antiviral drugs against various viruses including COVID-19.

RM2 billion to fund the vaccination programme.

RM6 billion from National Trust Fund to fund the procurement of COVID-19 vaccine.

RM70 million for mental health:

  • Mental health programme, counseling and psychosocial support, increasing the number of mental health advocacy programmes and strengthening the role of NGOs.
  • Expand the scope of individual income tax relief for mental health related expenses.
The Reinforcer Budget
Islamic Affairs & Finance


Shafiana Mohamed Salleh
Executive Director,

Shared Services Division (SSD)

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