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Compliance with Shariah requirements is an essential part of submission to Allah. As such all transactions/activities, financial and non-financial, must conform to Shariah requirements. Helping clinets manage Shariah non-compliance risks is our divine calling. With our finest shariah expertise, we assist in the following areas:



Salihin product structuring

Product Structuring & Development

Sukuk Issuance & structuring advisory

Sukuk Issuance & Structuring advisory

Islamic fund Management advisory

Islamic Fund Management Advisory

Islamic fund Management advisory

Islamic Fund Management Advisory

Islamic private Equity advisory

Islamic Private Equity Advisory

Takaful & retakaful advisory

Takaful & Retakaful Advisory

shariah audit review and Screening

Shariah Audit, Review & Screening

zakat and Waqaf consultancy

Zakat & Waqaf Consultancy


As emerging leading Shariah advisors, we take leadership responsiblities in Shariah advsiory and consultancy for Islamic wealth creation and protection toward sustainable Islamic economy.


For all your Shariah Advisory needs, contact us, the trusted Shariah Advisors.

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Insight and Research

Transfer Pricing (TP) Compliance

Reporting Accountant and IPO Advisory

Shariah Advisory & Consultancy

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